A Fair Weather Intro

It’s been exactly a week and two days since I received the amazing news that I had been selected as the first Brand Ambassador for a clothing brand I loved, Black Onyx Equestrian. I was tasked with creating a blog. Great I thought. I write! I write fiction and blogs of my own but how on earth do you introduce yourself? I thought of trying something funny, something quirky and something even a little different. Suffice to say, nothing seemed quite right so I thought I’d keep it short and sweet! I’m The Fair Weather Rider and I’m the new brand ambassador for one of the hottest brands to hit the equestrian market! *runs off to pinch arm

Unlike a lot of other brand ambassadors, I don’t compete at a high level and for the last year and a half, I haven’t done an awful lot of riding full stop. My second pregnancy and hideous morning sickness forced me out of the saddle for longer than I wanted. With the safe arrival of my second daughter however, riding is now very much firmly back in my life. I ride my Clydesdale x Dutch Warmblood Jack, who likes to take life at a snails pace most of the time, unless he spots a jump or fallen log. He isn’t the only horse in my life however; there are actually four more. Call me a glutton for punishment.

Luckily for me, my husband is horse mad, many thanks to my constant encouragement and as a result, I never had anyone to say no; hence the collection of horses slowly increasing over the last few years. My dream came true with the arrival of Danny, a British Sports Horse weanling. Danny’s arrival was soon followed by the arrival of my toddlers pony Rambo, a Welsh A with some serious attitude. You’d have thought it would have stopped there…but that would be sensible right? Shortly after Danny came, I found myself looking at him and feeling sorry for the weanling who’d been forced to live in a paddock with an 11 year old horse and a 10 year old pony, neither of whom wanted to play. This led to the rather abrupt arrival of Steve, a Welsh D x Thoroughbred who was just a week younger Danny and it was the best decision we ever made. Danny and Steve became brothers from another mother almost over night. If that wasn’t enough, I then found myself falling for a beautiful Kinsky mare by the name of Hattie and with a husband who was only too happy to go along with my equine obsession, she soon joined our family too. With two children, four dogs and an ASBO cat to add to the list, it’s safe to say our life is full but that’s just how we like it!

While that may sound like a pretty basic introduction, believe me when I say there’s plenty more to spill. From living with two stallions, securing our own little piece of heaven in our privately rented yard in West Hanningfield to the constant challenges of the chestnut mare, our adventures have it all and what’s more, we’ll now be looking pretty fab every single step of the way thanks to Black Onyx Equestrian.  

So there it is, that’s me (or us – should I say). I can’t wait to introduce the horses a little more, show you their quirks and our life in a little more detail while representing this fabulous brand!

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