A True Fair Weather Summer Ahead

Spring is here and while I should be enjoying the ‘joys of spring’ and all it brings, all I can think about is that we’re one step closer to summer. The evenings are getting lighter and now I’m almost fully recovered from surgery, riding is back on the table. Good ol’ Captain Jack thought his Christmas’s had come early and he was set for an early retirement. Unlucky for him, his hiatus from riding was merely a sabbatical.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to however, is the riding on the roads part. I hate it. It has never mattered how well Jack behaved, even in his days of not giving two hooves about anything he met on the road, I’ve always hated it. There’s something about being on a road, having cars racing past you that unnerves me a little. That’s why whenever I do venture out, it’s always been under the strict cover of every hi-viz opportunity available to me.

You name it, I’ve had it; hi viz jackets, hi viz jackets complete with flashing lights, hi viz exercise rugs, hi viz boots and more. Luckily for this summer, at least I’ll look the part with the new Black Onyx Equestrian Hi Viz Performance top – I just might need to stop eating so many curries of a weekend to look the part but you catch my drift.

Aside from the onset of summer riding – did I mention I’m rather excited about it? – I’m also looking forward to the guys getting some real sun on their backs and having a break from the inclement weather this spring seems to have thrown our way. I’ve always believed that we have four seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn but for some reason, a meme did the rounds on social media explaining there were actually other seasons, one being called False Spring. After that rather harsh correction of my age old science lessons, I’ve waited patiently for false spring to be over and actual real-life spring to set in. Not quite sure as to whether it’s here yet, I’m just going to wait for another meme to let me know what’s going on in the world.

My aim for this summer is to start working the boys. They’ll both be three this May and while I won’t be backing them until they’re four, I do intend to start long-lining and working them from the ground. I want an easy transition into riding. I also think it’s about time I gave the stables a lick of paint, after all, a clean work environment is a productive work environment. My compulsive nature has been taking over hugely every time I’ve played a visit to the yard lately, looking at how tired it’s become. With that cleaned up and looking fresh, I think I’ll have a clear mind to focus on the boys. I’d love to say I have an aim for Hattie but let’s face it, every day is a new challenge with that one so simply being able to say hello without her assuming the worst would be nice this winter…


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