Happy New Year From Mine To Yours

So 2019 is finally upon us. I will admit, I did think that once January 1st had arrived that the confused haze of “what day is it? Am I supposed to be working? Do I need to get the girls ready for…something?” would have disappeared. Sadly it still hasn’t. As I’ve spent the Christmas period recuperating, the majority of our time has been spent watching movies, eating terrible, terrible food and generally lazing around. I’ve missed my horses hugely but thanks to a very supportive husband, I know they’re being looked after incredibly well. I’ve even been enjoying some amazing videos of the devil child that is Hattie; happily letting my husband put the empty wormer tube (filled with copra) in her mouth. Fingers crossed this means an easy dosing of Domasedan gel come the 4th for the farrier and she can start the new year with fabulous feet. I’m hoping it’s a very happy omen.

Being pretty much bed bound hasn’t stopped me enjoying myself though! As anyone knows, as long as you have some sort of media device and an internet connection, you’re good to go. Which has meant a LOT of online shopping. Of course, a shopping splurge wouldn’t be a true shopping splurge without a stop at my favourite Black Onyx Equestrian. That meant a lovely little pick me up on Boxing Day! I treated my daughter Neve to a gorgeous Signature Crew Neck T-shirt from their Young Talent range! Pink of course! I treated my husband to a beautiful Khaki number and of course, treated myself to the Long Sleeve Ombré top, the V-Neck Metallic T-shirt and one of their new releases, the Super Soft Crew Neck in grey. My basket was a little on the selfish side but hey, I’m poorly! Plus I got to use my unique code ‘JENH10’ and got 10% off the lot! Doesn’t really get much better than that now does it?

I can’t wait to start wearing these, which you’ll all of course see on my social media and website but what I really can’t wait for is 2019 to start.

I don’t know about you but I’m one to plan and when it comes to 2019, I’ve got a lot up my sleeve. I plan on sending Hattie to the fabulous Jemma Myers for some serious desensitising. As much as we’re making huge steps forward, I feel a professional touch would be amazing and to go hard for a month or so would be so beneficial for her. I also have two young geldings who’ll be turning three this May. That for me means the start of an incredible year for them. I don’t intend on backing them until they’re 4, to give them a little more time to mature and protect their bones but I do intend on introducing them to long-reining, saddle pads etc. I want them to enjoy a year of fun education after enjoying three full years each of just being horses. I think we’ve given them the best start possible. They’ve had three years to simply enjoy our company and it’s paid off because they’ve both turned into complete cuddle monsters. Danny especially, who’s as laid back as they come 99% of the time – he’s a horse after all so they all have to have their off days right? I also can’t wait to start enjoying my big lad again who’s riding career has taken a huge backseat during pregnancy, child birth and of course, my latest medical moment. He’s certainly grown up however and it’s been wonderful to see his confidence grow. 2019 also marks the 3rd year of our residence at our current yard, something we count our blessings for daily. The enjoyment we get from having our own little peace of heaven is like nothing else and something we love more than anything and of course, 2018 has marked the year I became the Black Onyx Equestrian brand ambassador. I can’t wait to move forward into 2019 with this brand and see where it takes us. With more and more of their clothing filling my wardrobe, it’s fair to say I’m excited!

Here’s to 2019, the horse-iest year yet with, fingers crossed, nothing stopping us from enjoying the likes of Badminton, Blenheim, Olympia, an Irish Horse Riding Holiday with a difference and of course our own Neds every single day of the week. From my family to yours, here’s to a Happy New Year!

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