Here’s To A Fair Weather Christmas!

Christmas has firmly arrived and while the for the rest of the world (bar shift workers and emergency services) that means hanging up the boots and enjoying a wonderful break with your loved ones, for equestrians it means…nothing. Us equestrians are one of a kind, aren’t we? Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it doesn’t mean a different routine for the most of us. While other families will be sleeping soundly, enjoying a deep slumber as Santa creeps in and out just before sunrise, the majority of equestrians will be hoping to sneak back in without fuss after an hour or more at the stables, sorting out Ginger and Peppermint.

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing here too. BK (before kids) Christmas mornings were spent unwrapping presents in bed before heading to the stables and enjoying a Christmas ride. We’d give Jack his carrot shaped presents and then slink on over to either parents for a fun and fabulous Christmas, not before making our way back to bring him in of an evening and wish him one final “Happy Christmas” before he laid down on his huge bed of wood shavings.

Now the little ones have come along however, things have changed but as any equestrian knows, the horses can’t be left. In a bid to keep everyone happy, that means sneaking off in the dark of the night, around 4:30/5:00 to sort the herd out (muck out, hay nets, feeds, fresh waters and poo pick) before sneaking in the house with the kiddies none the wiser. The only problem being this year is that I’m slightly immobile thanks to my operation. This means the husband will be forced to do the early morning Christmas run, his first ever I believe. Now I wouldn’t feel quite so bad had it not been for the Christmas presents I know he’ll be constructing late Christmas eve with my supervision from the sofa…I predict a grumpy daddy come Christmas Day!

2018 has been a wonderful year, I’ve watched my herd come together with Hattie finally coming to live with the boys once they were sans testosterone of course, as well as being invited on board the Brand Ambassador train by the fabulous lot at Black Onyx Equestrian. While pregnancy, caesarean sections and recent surgery have seriously hindering my riding for 90% of the time, the year has opened my eyes hugely to the world of in-hand training and of course, the natural approach. I’ve learnt more about myself as a horse woman in this year alone than I have in the ten years I’ve owned Jackie and I couldn’t be more pleased at my ‘awakening’ should we say.

My only hope is that Santa realises what a good girl I’ve been, putting up with the chestnut mare for this whole time and surprises me with a little Black Onyx treat and more, come Christmas morning. So far though, none of my presents have neighed…disappointing to say the least.

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