Hooves Hitting The Tarmac Once More…

Summer is well on its way and I’m almost fully recovered from surgery, which means Jack will be coming back into work. He’s had far too long off what with a nausea filled pregnancy, followed by C-section recovery and then surgery in December. I’m not even sure he’ll remember that a saddle goes on his back.


Thankfully and I say this while gripping vice-like on to the nearest wooden object, he’s usually pretty good after a break so I’m not too worried. I am however, a little concerned about his road work. That’s the only area he ever seems to regress with. While I could spend my life hacking out around the fields, which don’t get me wrong, does sound appealing, I do need to get him back out on the roads for his own good. He needs to gain that confidence again that not every skip lorry is out to run him off the road. That was just a one-off when he was with his good pals Aunty Pants (a story for another time) and Murdo.


More to the point, I’d very much like to begin lessons with him and I happen to be just a five or ten minute road hack away from a rather fabulous eventer so the road work is an absolute must, I’m sure you’ll agree.


While the summer nights are just getting longer and longer, something I think everyone looks forward to, it’s still crucial to make sure we’re seen as much as possible. That’s why we’re always usually hi-viz’d up to within an inch of our life. Think hi-viz boots, hi-viz quarter sheet, hi-viz tail wrap and of course for myself, a hi-viz hat silk and waist coat.


Despite the fact it’s there for safety and not a fashion parade, I do hate the hi-viz waistcoats. They never feel comfortable when I’m riding and often feel like a stuffy, extra layer I could without. Thankfully, Black Onyx has created an amazing hi-viz performance top that’s as bright as can be and fits like a dream. I could not love it more.


As with pretty much most of us with horses however, simply jumping online and buying yet more clothes isn’t always an option which is why it’s so fab that Black Onyx have done this amazing giveaway. In case you missed it, for the last few weeks, Black Onyx Equestrian and myself have been holding a competition to win one of their summer must-have hi-viz performance tops and one of their wardrobe staple t’s. In fact, head over now via this link and check out the pinned post at the top of their page as there may still be a few more minutes to enter!


If you find yourself on the unlucky side of the competition, worry not! You can still grab 10% off with my unique code JENH10. Something I’ll be using myself at the end of the month because if you can’t treat yourself on your birthday, when can you?



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