It’s All Change And I Think I Kinda Like It!

When I first began riding, I was just a pup. I had no clue what was actually going on in terms of the cost, the commitment; the lifestyle even. My parents, as I’ve no doubt mentioned before, were totally ‘unhorsey’ and loan a pony days were about as far as I got. Back then, on my loan a pony days, we groomed horses and hacked them out, without a single ounce of fear. The only thing we cared about were the ponies and where our next hack was taking us – and obviously avoiding that one stubborn pony that every riding school had. Mine was called Coco and liked to roll as soon as you came to a halt. We never gave a second thought to our clothes, we just wore whatever our parents didn’t mind us getting dirty.

In terms of gear, there were a few tack stores dotted about but for the most part it came down to a lorry full of tack and clothes that would pull up at the riding school every Saturday morning. Clothes were few and far between and the boots were limited to those plastic wellington style boots that everyone hated.

When it came to horses, aside from tack and some brushing boots, they had one stable rug or fleece and a New Zealand turnout rug. That was it. Things were kept pretty basic.

Fast forward twenty…something years (we don’t need to go into details) and it couldn’t be more different. Thank goodness, the choice when it comes to clothing is now nothing short of fantastic. Take the likes of Black Onyx Equestrian, they offer a range so vast you can literally fill your wardrobe in equestrian clothing. Let’s not forget the fact that the equestrian clothing of today is styled so well that more often than not it doubles up as gym clothing and regular day-to-day casual wear.

While I couldn’t be more in love with the availability of equestrian clothing, what I am struggling to deal with is the sheer amount of stuff I apparently need for my little girl and her pony. It feels endless. Clothing is one thing, because let’s face it, I love buying her a horsey based wardrobe, especially the Young Talent range from Black Onyx but my goodness the rugs. There are an endless amount of rugs, none of which seem to get used, along with tack. We have cub saddles, an Inky Dinky Saddle (amazing by the way!!!), saddle pads, personalised saddle pads, boots and then of course, the glitter. Oh yes, we have an endless supply of glitter that will soon be making an appearance on little Rambo as my sparkles obsessed daughter does her best to transform her Welsh A pony into a real life unicorn. Then add to that snuggy hoods, the grooming bags and of course matching boot bags and I think I need to lie down. When I look at everything I’ve bought in the two short years that we’ve owned him and I’m pretty sure it’s cost us about 10x what we actually paid for the scruffy, field kept pony we travelled to Norfolk for.

In all fairness, I wasn’t 4 years old when I had my own pony. I was 21 and paying for him myself with the wage of my public sector job for the fire service. Although perhaps the fact that over the last ten years, I’ve eventually come to own an endless amount of rugs for my currently un-rugged horses myself, means I shouldn’t really complain too much.

Do I love buying things for her and her pony and watching them enjoy each other…yes of course. Do I wish the glitter would stop…yes but will I continue to buy the glitter and sparkles, and flamingo inspired accessories for my princess loving little girl…yes! Suffice to say, I’ve fallen head first into the world of children and pony accessories and while I may moan, I think I kind of love it. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and Facebook page to see the little man himself and a rare glimpse of my little girl enjoying her Young Talent clothing and endless supply of Equidivine glitter accessories!


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