S.U.C.C.E.S.S – That’s The Way You Spell Success!

Success! What a way to kick off the year! We’ve had one phenomenal week and it’s all down to a little drug called Domosedan! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that our young filly Hattie isn’t a huge fan of the farrier. She kicks, throws herself on the floor – and then some. At around 500kg too, despite some great ‘advice’ from those awesome equestrian experts all around us, pinning her down and making her do it just wasn’t an option. We’ve been working really hard with her for quite some time now. She happily takes anything in a worming tube, allows us to touch her all over her body, allows us to pick her feet up but the farrier was just that little step too far for her. For that reason, we decided Domosedan gel would be the best option so we could continue our training behind the scenes without her taking a huge step back. Our farrier visit was on the 4th January and having surgery on the 19th December, meant I was out of action. Unfortunately for my husband, this left everything up to him.

For two solid weeks, in between looking after our children and visiting me in hospital, he spent time every single day getting madam used to being touched on her feet more than usual as well as taking food out of an empty worming syringe. That meant come the day of the farrier visit, she happily took the domosedan gel without a single care in the world.

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting it to work. Thanks to the expertise of equestrian Facebook groups, I’d heard mixed reviews regarding its ability to work on strong willed horses. I’d also heard that there was a particular way in which it had to be administered (under the tongue) otherwise nothing would happen. I was starting to worry. Thankfully, I had absolutely nothing to worry about because within 30 minutes, she was swaying too and fro.

With how subdued she was, I was surprised to see her still very much aware of what was going on when her feet were being trimmed. I can’t get over at just how pretty her feet look. After months of stress and upset at just how poor her feet were looking, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I can’t say I’m super happy that we had to sedate her, especially after the amazing progress we’d achieved with having her trimmed without sedative but if it means her feet are kept in good condition for now, then so be it.

I definitely feel that being with the boys has calmed her. She looks to our big lad Jack for a lot for reassurance, which he gives her in abundance. Since having the farrier, she’s been her ‘new’ calm self and happy for us to lift her feet once again. Could this be the beginning of a very progressive year for Hattie? I’d like to think so.

Perhaps that was my gift from Santa this year? A calm filly perhaps? That and the rather fabulous Ariats! So it looks like we’ve both got some new comfy feet to start 2019 off doesn’t it?

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